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I Agree whole heartedly with expanding and growing the group. Heck thats why I am suggesting other locations, To help do that... 


That being said I (selfishly) just don't know about St. Anthonys as a great regular meeting place. I think its a perfect place for us to do outreach, installfests...etc Lots of major organizations, Charities, etc that work with low income groups are not necessarily located in that low income neighborhood they are working with IE Elks, Rotary...


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2008/9/3 Blake Haggerty <Blake.Haggerty at sapphire.com>

My general opinion is that St. Anthonys is not in the greatest neighborhood (arguably the worst neighborhood in the city). 

It's true that St. Anthony is in a bad part of town.  That's the point.  Being of service.  Doing outreach.  Lawyers are not interested in adopting Linux.  Low income people _are_ interested in adopting Linux. 

IMHO, we need to think about what we as a group stand for.  Are we 

1) a social club?
2) installfest hosts?
3) tech support for newbies?

And the other question is

1) do we want to grow and expand as a group?
2) or are we happy staying as a smaller social club for a few people to hang out and chat at cafes?

I personally am in favor of expanding SF-LUG beyond the social club that we have been so far.  We do have a few newbies drop in here and there, but now with St. Anthony we have the opportunity to do much more.  We have a chance to integrate ourselves and Linux into one of the most well-funded, well-run charities in San Francisco.  I think that is a tremendous opportunity for us.

I understand and respect those who want to keep SF-LUG as a mostly social gathering group of people of relatively equal skill level who like to get together and chat about Linux.  That is a valid purpose.  

But I think that we could do so much more.  

Just my two cents.  Okay, maybe a nickel.  heh. 

c u

Christian Einfeldt,
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