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Pretty much any Bar will serve coffee... (It is required to make a slew of "Ethanol Beverages") As for Tea goes that could be tougher, Although they would have hot water if you want to bring your own Earl Grey. Ontop of that you can count on coke, sprite, rootbeer, virgin margaritas, roy rogers, Shirley Temples...etc or whatever a restaurant might have. 


The house of Shields does not serve food, Though they have no problem with us bringing outside food. 


This is just one idea, I am sure we can come up with more that would meet all requirements.


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* Blake Haggerty [080903 10:44]: 
> As for other suggestions; I would love a place that serves 
> beer :) I would be much more inclined to attend on a regular 
> basis knowing I could enjoy a beer or two during our 
> meetings... 

For those who don't drink alcohol, hopefully it could be a 
place that serves more that just ethanol beverages, ie food 
(not just pretzels & nuts), coffee, tea, etc. 


John Magolske 

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