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as seen on LUGOD's mailing list, preface by bill 


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Subject: [vox] Siafoo developers seek feedback
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LUGOD received this, which we were asked to post to our list, if we
felt it's appropriate.  I turned around and invited them to come speak
at a meeting.  They'll be here in Aug, Sept or maybe December, once we
figure our schedules. :)

----- Forwarded message from Stou Sandalski -----

We are two recent UCD alumni that started a website, called Siafoo, for 
storing and sharing code, scripts, and general technical information.

Siafoo's purpose is to be somewhere between a full-fledged source 
control system and the directory on your hard drive containing all your 
useful scripts and snippets. We created it because we noticed that a 
decent amount of time was wasted in trying to find boiler plate examples 
and utility functions buried inside large projects, reinventing the 
proverbial wheel, and tracking down solutions to obscure bugs on random 
forums and blogs. You can read more about Siafoo's purpose and features 
on our about page (http://www.siafoo.net/help/about) or try out the 
syntax highlighter (http://www.siafoo.net/tools/code) and reST demo 

We would love to get some feedback on how the site can become more 
useful both in its design and feature set.

Thank you,

Stou Sandalski and Davis Isaacson


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