[sf-lug] what "consistency", not near the user - we don't got no consistency!

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Jul 30 10:46:22 PDT 2008

Quoting Bruce Coston (jane_ikari at yahoo.com):

> Yeah, right! Why do the xfree86 commands not work anymore? 

To reiterate what I said -- and what you were professing to disagree with:
Standard X11 copy-and-paste works exactly the same, regardless of window
manager and "desktop" (if any) systems.  (You might have a broken X
server setup; your post was a bit vague.)

In short, I notice that none of your post appears to have anything to do
with what *I* said.  Nothing wrong with that:  Please fire away with any
changes of subject the Muse dictates, but please don't pretend you were
refuting my (above-reiterated) plain statement of fact -- when you've
actually started talking about something else entirely.

(I can't actually tell what you're talking about, to be honest, but it
sure as heck wasn't what I addressed.)

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