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summary: read the link, free admission to mobile 
linux developer-thon wednesday august 6 at moscone, 
for those of you who'll be at linuxworld and want 


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In case you didn't see this on the SVLUG list...

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Nokia is organizing a fun filled Mobile Open Source Developer Day in
San Francisco, (Linux, C, C++, Python) alongside LinuxWorld held in
Moscone Center in early August.

In this event we will show you how to develop open source applications
for S60 smart phones -- The World's Biggest Smart Phone Community. We
will tell you about new business opportunities, provide latest
technical updates and also give some technical training for open
source development on mobile devices. You will hear from industry
experts on topics like Python, Qt, Open C++, STL and Maemo.

We want to keep the event as interactive as possible. You can suggest
your own topic and we can talk about that in detail with you. If you
want to start building your own open source applications for mobile
devices, bring your laptop with you, as we will provide you all the
necessary tools along with step by step instructions on developing and
porting an existing open source application.

Prizes will be distributed throughout the event - including Nokia N95
- 8GB smart phones and N800 Internet tablets.

The Event is Free for all developers and as a courtesy for attending
this event we are giving a one-day free pass to LinuxWorld.

If you will like to attend please register using the below link.




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