[sf-lug] Anyone using Asterisk with VoIP on Linux?

John F. Strazzarino jstrazza at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 10 14:08:05 PDT 2008

A friend is setting up a VoIP system for his office.  It is a small operation, he just wants to get 4 phones working.  He does have a Trandnet router with the IP phone plugged into it and he gets a dialtone, but that's it.  His Linux server has a myriad of error messages (of course, none of which I have captured!) which would probably explain why the setup is not working.  
Does anyone have any experience/knowledge of how to do this?
I'm reading 'Asterisk for Dummies' like mad, so that would explain my knowledge level.
Also, do all phones in a VoIP system need to match (same model and features) or can you just use 'any old' IP phone?
P.S. Feel free to contact me 'off list' if you feel that the discussion is not appropriate to this list.

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