[sf-lug] audible.com (Alex Kleider)

JW jmango at mail.com
Thu Jun 5 21:18:00 PDT 2008

 > Does anyone know if it is possible to make use of an
 > audible.com account:
 > i.e. download books using a linux box?
 > As far as I can figure out, one MUST use a program that
 > they provide.
 > It's an exe file so I'm assuming it is a windows program.
 > I'd like to be able to download and burn my own CDs but
 > when I choose that option, I'm told to download the .exe
 > file.
 > Any and all info would be appreciated although I'm
 > guessing that Linux users are just out of luck.
 > alex

Alex, Audible says the executable is only needed for IE on a PC. 
Apparently Safari and Firefox already have the required download 
managers, so you might try one of these browsers on Linux.  It might 
be worth a try, even though Audible says you can't use Linux.

If you get the download working, I was wondering if it's possible to 
play the file and loop it back in through the mic port if you have 
one.  If you are handy with a soldering iron, you may have to wire up 
a simple attenuator to match the mic levels.  I am just brainstorming 
here.  I assume there are Linux programs that will record live audio 
to disk and that one of them could be run concurrently with a browser, 
especially if you don't need a lot of bandwidth.  Hope this helps.

BTW, I get the LUG messages in digest mode, so I had to do some 
creative cutting and pasting to send this reply.  Apologies if it does 
not appear coherent.

jim w.

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