[sf-lug] VPS question: accessible by root user on physical host?

Jason Turner jturner at nonzerosums.org
Sun Jun 1 17:00:52 PDT 2008

Rick Moen wrote:
> Quoting Jason Turner (jturner at nonzerosums.org):
>> Thanks for the info, Rick.  Yep, I realize some element of trust will  
>> always be involved if you don't have physical security.
> Oddly enough, you end up having some element of trust even if you _do_
> have physical security.  
> [...apt scenarios of different security risks...]

Another good reminder of the lack of 100% certainty in our world, 
rather, just differing levels of probability.  And the methods used to 
deal with that fact in the world of security fall around the concept of 
risk management.

Got it.  The info and perspectives have been helpful, fellas.

Now, I'm gonna stew on the various dis/advantages of hosting my own mail 
service[again] vs. shared hosting vs. a VPS provider.  Perhaps even draw 
up a risk assessment on each of those options.  Guessing at a realistic 
timeline, I should be done and decided by sometime in 2010! 


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