[sf-lug] evolution: bug or feature?

jim jim at well.com
Sat May 31 09:01:51 PDT 2008

   my experience in using evolution 2.12.1 on 
ubuntu 7.10 involved clicking the (damned) 
mouse: turns out one can make typing mistakes 
that way, too. 

   i get a lot of junk mail so i click the Junk 
button a lot. 
   today i clicked the Send/Receive button and 
saw the download panel showing mail received, 
but hey! no mail, even tho' mail was downloaded. 
   i looked around and found no mailbox or folder 
showing unread messages. i looked at preferences 
and found nothing that looked like a control for 
downloading in this respect. i sent myself mail 
from another account and saw it come in and no 
evidence in my inbox or anywhere else. 
   taking a guess, i looked at my junk folder: 
there was today's mail, all marked as read. 

   taking another guess, i used the mouse to 
highlight the inbox folder icon and then clicked 
the Not Junk button. 
   i sent myself mail and whalllah: the inbox 
showed the incoming mail, unread. 

   bottom line: you can click a mailbox folder 
and mark it as junk. do that with the inbox 
folder and when evolution gets your mail it 
will read it for you in a millisecond and then 
put it in your junk folder. 
   is this a bug or a feature? (one definition 
of a bug: unexpected behavior.) 

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