[sf-lug] evolution: bug or feature?

Jason Turner jturner at nonzerosums.org
Sat May 31 09:33:06 PDT 2008

On May 31, 2008, at 9:01 AM, jim wrote:

> [...]

>   bottom line: you can click a mailbox folder
> and mark it as junk. do that with the inbox
> folder and when evolution gets your mail it
> will read it for you in a millisecond and then
> put it in your junk folder.
>    is this a bug or a feature? (one definition
> of a bug: unexpected behavior.)

If you're looking for a survey, I'll put my vote in for lousy  
feature.  Or Bug if I have to stick to your binary choices.  Still,  
quite a surprise to hear you using the GUI at all!  ;-p  I'm guessing  
you'll be returning to/keeping text-based mailers as your primary  
method of mail mgmt?


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