[sf-lug] Hello to the LUG

JW jmango at mail.com
Thu Apr 24 17:35:09 PDT 2008

Alex Kleider said...

 > Jim (aka jmelon) might be interested in this
 > part of your reference:
 > It has to do with some of what he and I were
 > discussing earlier in the meeting last evening.
 > Specifically
 > cat /proc/meminfo
 > and
 > cat /proc/cpuinfo

Thanks Alex - the proc psuedofiles look interesting.  By way of 
introduction, I am new to the LUG.  My address is jmango as opposed to 
jmelon (but you were close Alex). I tend to wear two hats: I like to 
explore the substructure of the OS, but I prefer to be an advocate for 
the general public's point of view: I don't want to program, I don't 
like to type a lot, and I am a late adopter, so things will be stable 
and work the first time. If you ever see me take that point of view, I 
am doing so with a wink, as I do like the control of using a shell 
once in awhile.  Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing everybody at 
the meetings. -- Jim Willson

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