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Kristian Erik Hermansen wrote:

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> Subject: Capture video from MiniDV over USB?
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> I have googled around and many solutions don't appear to allow me to
>  grab the video from my new camera without using firewire.  Has anyone
>  here personally been able to use USB?  Thanks for your time!

 If there's not a linux driver that knows how to talk to your device,
but there is a windows driver, sometimes you can use this trick where
you use USBSnoop on a windows box to capture the USB commands to start
the device streaming data back to the computer.  Then you can use a
perl script to write those saved commands to the raw USB device while
in linux.

 Here's a more thorough description:

 I actually used that trick a few years back, so I know it works (or
at least works with that particular A-to-D converter).


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