[sf-lug] update on the 4/26/08 tech fair in the Mission

Christian Einfeldt einfeldt at gmail.com
Thu Apr 17 16:19:58 PDT 2008


Here is a quick update on the Sat April 26 tech fair at the Mission
Recreation Center at 2450 Harrison Street in San Francisco.  I just went
over there this afternoon, and saw the layout for the event and our

The building is actually two large buildings on the same campus.  One
building is a gym, but there will not be any events in the gym at all.  The
other building is called the main building.  It is rather large.  Two
floors.  There is a safe playground for children between the two buildings,
and the Mission Rec Center staff will be providing free child care on the
day of the event.

We have been given a good location, on the ground floor, right off the main
traffic path.  Everyone who comes to this event will pass by our exhibit at
some point.  We will have a total of 10 computers at this event, although 4
of those boxes might go upstairs for general Internet browsing workshops, as
the sponsors are short on computers!!!  This means that some really rank new
beginners, people who have little experience with basic Internet browsing,
will be shown Internet skills for the first time with Linux and Firefox!

Our main table will be located in an area called the Dance Hall Lobby.  It
is actually not a huge room, maybe 25 ft square, but as I said, it will be
very prominently located, as the Dance Hall Lobby is located by main traffic
paths in the building.  We will have three tables there, with 2 boxes per
table.  Chairs and tables will be provided by the Mission Rec Center, but we
will need to bring extension cords, power strips, AC power cords, switches,
ethernet cables, monitors, keyboards, and mice.  I will be bringing most of
these things from the school, although it would be great if someone had two
extension cords for us.

We will need three of four people to help set up on Friday, April 25.  We
will meet at the school at Geary and Scott at about 1:30 or so.  Please come
to the school yard through the gate at the corner of Pierce and O'Farrell,
and please don't call the school to get info, because they won't have the
details.  Please just email me or call me for details at 415-351-1300.   We
will bring the monitors and boxes down to the school yard, where a truck
from the City & County of San Francisco (CCSF) will be loaded.  We will then
take the truck to 2450 Harrison, where some of the youth volunteers will
help unload the truck.  It would be good to have a couple of people to help
us set up at 2450 Harrison street.

I will not be able to make the first two hours of the actual event, and so
it would be good to have a few volunteers there to make sure everything is
going smoothly for the first few hours.

We will then break down, and the truck will take the stuff back to the
school at Geary and Scott.  Again, this is going to be a huge event, and
there are unconfirmed rumors that the Mayor will be there.  I would not be
surprised to see him there, because there will be lots and lots of
organizations represented there, and hundreds and hundreds of Latino voters,
and we all know that the Latino vote is growing in SF.  There will also be
members of the Board of Supervisors there.  This is a great opportunity to
demo the power of to lawmakers and orgs that could use FOSS !
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