[sf-lug] NEXT WEEK: PenLUG meeting 04/24/2008

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Thu Apr 17 12:00:06 PDT 2008

   |Date:    |Thursday, April 24th, 2008                           |
   |Time:    |meeting 7:00 - 9:00 PM, social/networking until 10 PM|
   |         |Bayshore Technology Park                             |
   |Location:|1300 Island Drive                                    |
   |         |Redwood City, CA 94065                               |
   |         |Suite 106 - Training Room                            |

  David Fetter, DBI-Link and PostgreSQL

   Have you ever needed to get data from a spreadsheet and put it in a
   database? Have you ever wanted to do real queries on a CSV file? DBI-Link
   3.0 makes these operations easy. For years, DBI-Link has been used in
   large production systems for communicating between Postgres and other data
   sources, not just other RDBMSs. Find out what's new in the latest version,
   and make your migration easier.

   David Fetter is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and has worked in
   various commercial enterprises, non-profits and educational institutions.
   He has worked extensively with Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Perl, PHP,
   PL/SQL, PL/PgSQL, PL/Perl and (of course!) vim on transaction processing
   and business intelligence systems. In his free time, he brews beer, rides
   his bicycle, and helps run several organizations for computer
   professionals including the San Francisco Perl Users' Group and the San
   Francisco PostgreSQL Users' Group.


  Although it is not required, we like to have an idea of how many
  people to expect, so if possible please email rsvp at penlug.org if you
  are planning to attend.


  For information on getting to the meeting, please see:

  Traffic on 101 can be pretty bad in the evening, so we encourage you
  to check traffic conditions before driving by dialing 5-1-1 on your
  phone or visiting www.511.org, and if possible to take public transit
  (best bet: bicycle via Caltrain) or carpool to this meeting.


  See www.penlug.org for more information.

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