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Kami Griffiths kamigriffiths at gmail.com
Wed Mar 5 07:59:28 PST 2008

 How is that project going?
Slow, but sure. We started out offering a class on Tuesdays and open use on
Thursdays. No one showed up for Thursday so we dropped that and are open
only on Tuesdays.

Are there regular classes?
Yes, every Tuesday. Right now we have 2-4 people who come regularly and
there is one other volunteer. We work individually with people on what they
need versus a structured class covering the same thing. That's mainly
because everyone was at different levels, but I may consider a structured
class again soon.

How is support being handled?
Tom Haddon has been available to handle most issues remotely and has come in
several times since he lives in the neighborhood. Jason Turner and Jim
Stockford have come in several times too. In general the computers run well,
there are just some small issues that I'd like looked at, but it's nothing
pressing: 1-2 can't print, the screen resolution is too big and I don't know
how to change it, the desktop of one is messed up.

Any success stories about a user who used the lab to get accomplish
something special?
As Christian mentioned one student, Leander, moved here after he lost his
house in Katrina. There's a program called the Road Home that give
assistance to those who'd like to get back to New Orleans. He wasn't able to
apply online, because at the time he didn't know how to use the computer, so
he called and requested an application. The application came 2 days before
the deadline and he wasn't able to complete it in time. He brought this
information to class and we helped him find an email for someone at the
program and he sent them and email explaining his situation. They sent a
response that said there was nothing they could do, but then a month later
he received a letter from them saying that they could help him!

Another guy, Bob, was assaulted by a homeless guy in Hayes Valley and due to
a series of event the man was released and back on the street. Bob sent
emails to people at the District Attorney's office and was able to make sure
the man was arrested and kept off the streets.

Both of these examples show the importance of having access to the internet
and knowing how to use the computer to communicate. There are still
thousands of people in this city who don't have these skills yet and I'm
working with many other dedicated people to help change that.

Thanks for following up!

On Tue, Mar 4, 2008 at 1:56 PM, Christian Einfeldt <einfeldt at gmail.com>

> hi
> On Tue, Mar 4, 2008 at 1:47 PM, Romel Jacinto <penguin at techbandit.com>
> wrote:
> > The current thread about how and who can get a free computer reminded me
> > of the Hayes Valley Community Center computer lab that was implmentened
> > a
> > few months ago.
> >
> > How is that project going?
> > Are there regular classes?
> > How is support being handled?
> > Any success stories about a user who used the lab to get acommplish
> > something special?
> >
> I spoke with Kami Griffiths about this project about 2 weeks ago, and she
> said that yes, classes are still ongoing.  I know that there was at least
> one guy who used the lab to petition FEMA for assistance in getting funding
> for his home after Hurricane Katrina.  Yes, New Orleans is still recovering
> from Katrina.
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