[sf-lug] Fwd: [UMALUG] bash scripting question

Tyler Trafford ttrafford at gmail.com
Wed Mar 5 15:12:17 PST 2008

Asheesh Laroia wrote:

> Right, I realize etckeeper doesn't publish.  What I mean is, I want to
> version everything with etckeeper, sensitive files and all.
> I also want to show my friends, "Go to asheesh.org/$servername/etc/
> and see a gitweb (or similar) of /etc with the sensitive files not
> visible."
> I guess the answer is just to hack up gitweb myself to check the
> metastore for permissions before showing stuff.

You would want to have a separate public copy of the repository for this
purpose in any case, since gitweb/apache would have to be root to access
/etc/.git and presumably you want to avoid that. :)
Tyler Trafford

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