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Tyler Trafford ttrafford at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 21:52:45 PST 2008

Asheesh Laroia wrote:

> Right, I realize etckeeper doesn't publish.  What I mean is, I want to 
> version everything with etckeeper, sensitive files and all.
> I also want to show my friends, "Go to asheesh.org/$servername/etc/ and 
> see a gitweb (or similar) of /etc with the sensitive files not visible."

The attached patch, applied to /etc, adds an "etckeeper publish" command 
that creates a publishable repo by cloning and removing all sensitive 
data from the commit history.

Output directory and files to remove are configurable in 

It probably needs some polish, but it works for me.  Only works with 
git, as I don't know mercurial. (-and I think it can't history like this 

Just re-run "etckeeper publish" to write a new sanitized repo every so 
Tyler Trafford

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