[sf-lug] Followup to Re: Mandriva on late Magazine

bobbie sellers bliss at california.com
Mon Feb 25 21:15:34 PST 2008

bobbie sellers wrote:
> Hi LUGers,
> 	The issue of Linux+ ($14.99) on the stands now contains
> two Mandriva DVDs one with the Mandriva Free 2008 install and the
> other with Mandriva One 2008 MCNlive Toronto distribution including
> Axigen  Mail Server 4.0.2 and Bit Defender Security for Mail Servers.
> 	Documentation for all of the above looks pretty complete in
> the magazine.
> 	I will have both at the next meeting and if people
> want copies let me know asap and I will produce the copies
> before the meeting.

	Well it was not documented but the Mandriva Free 2008 install has an
upgrade so that I am running it after a couple of hours.  The
only thing I seem to have lost is the use of the background digital
	Thunderbird seems to be snappier and with a better defined
composition window.

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