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hopefully this is a bit better)

--- Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com> wrote:

> Quoting David Sterry (david at sterryit.com):
> > LUGRadio - this one's from Britain and features
> four guys who have 
> > various perspectives on Linux(Jono is the Ubuntu
> Community Manager at 
> > Canonical). What's nice about this one is that
> they have more hosts and 
> > seem to delve deeper into the aspects of
> community, freedom, and the 
> > direction various open source software projects
> are going. They're also 
> > hosting LUGRadio Live at the Metreon with exhibits
> and speakers on April 
> > 12-13th this year so that might be fun to check
> out. 
> SF-LUG might wish to do more than just check them
> out.  Here's an
> invitation from them to BALUG, which I'm sure is
> equally extended to
> other Bay Area LUGs:

Yes definately. I thought I'd sent an invite to SF-LUG
but I thought I was subscribed to BALUG as well so
what do I know!

If anybody is interested in exhibiting for SF-LUG or
for any other Open Source/Free Software groups or
projects drop us an email we'd love to have you. Dont
be put off by the "fun and interactive" thing, while
 obviously we'd love all our exhibitors to have
exciting attention grabing stands we do understand
thats a lot easier for some projects then others.

Theres a list of speakers at

chris (the unfunny one of the LUGRadio presenters :-)

>  Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2008 17:16:58 -0800
>  From: Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com>
>  To: balug-admin at lists.balug.org
>  Subject: (forw) BALUG Exhibiting at LugRadio Live
> Presumably sent to me as BALUG contact via a
> listadmin mailto: link.
> Sounds very worthwhile.  NOTE:  Dates cited are a
> weekend!
> Note carefully the sentence "We'd like it if your
> exhibition stand could
> be something fun and interactive, rather than just a
> table with leaflets
> and advertising."  Ideas?
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> <lugradio at gmail.com> -----
> Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2008 23:04:17 +0000
> From: lugradio team <lugradio at gmail.com>
> To: rick at linuxmafia.com
> Subject: BALUG Exhibiting at LugRadio Live USA
> Howdy
> As you may or may not be aware, the very first
> LugRadio Live USA in
> 2008 is taking place at The Metreon in San
> Francisco. The event will
> be happening on the 12th and 13th April 2008, and
> will provide the
> unique atmosphere of the UK event, but in glorious
> San Francisco.
> LugRadio Live has developed a strong reputation for
> providing a range
> of topics about free software, Open Source, digital
> rights, technology
> and more, a compelling list of speakers, exhibitors
> and birds of a
> feather sessions, and wrapping it all in a unique,
> fun, loose, social
> and inclusive event, which is often described as
> combining the
> atmosphere of a rock concert and a computer
> conference.
> At LugRadio Live USA 2008 we plan on bringing this
> unique atmosphere
> to the USA, and inviting around 30 speakers, a full
> cast of exhibiting
> projects and companies, an eclectic range of BOF
> sessions, and plenty
> of additional sessions such as our debate discussion
> panel, a showcase
> of five minute talks, tech demos, and of course a
> live recording of
> LugRadio in front of an audience. We expect around
> 500 - 700 attendees
> to the event.
> Anyway, to the business in hand...
> As mentioned, we'll be having an exhibition area
> where we want to have
> projects and companies who do cool things. In the
> past we've had open
> source projects showing off their work such as KDE,
> Gnome, and Ubuntu,
> companies who work with Linux like Neuros,
> distributors like Sun, Red
> Hat and Novell, and also a range of user groups
> looking to publicise
> themselves to the community at large. We were
> wondering whether the
> Bay Area LUG would be interested in having an
> exhibition stand at the
> event this year?
> Exhibitor space is free; we don't charge, because
> LugRadio Live is a
> community event. The focus is on people having a
> great time, not in
> making money :-) We'd like it if your exhibition
> stand could be
> something fun and interactive, rather than just a
> table with leaflets
> and advertising.
> Another thing: as part of the event, we provide each
> attendee with a
> registration bag, containing some free items from
> different
> organisations. We try to keep the items in this bag
> as interesting as
> possible, and in the past this has included pens,
> badges, software,
> clothing and more. If you'd like to contribute
> something to the bag
> this year for LugRadio Live USA 2008, we'd be happy
> to include it.
> Both the goodie bag and an exhibition stand are
> excellent ways for you
> to be associated with a strongly community and Open
> Source focused
> event, and the demographic it attracts. For the bag,
> we will need 500
> of whatever you choose to contribute, and all you
> need to do is ship
> them to us, there is no charge in addition to
> sending the items - we
> will add them to the bags ready for the event.
> LugRadio Live in the UK has developed a strong
> reputation for being
> 'the' community event in the UK, and we are looking
> to bring this to
> USA. We would love if you could be one of the
> organisations who helped
> make this happen. :)
> If you're not the right person to ask about
> attending, we'd be
> grateful if you could either pass it on to the right
> person for us or
> get back in touch to let us know who to contact.
> You can check who is speaking and how the event is
> shaping up by
> checking http://lugradio.org/live/USA2008/
> Any questions or queries, feel free to drop us an
> email in reply to
> this email, and we really hope you can be a part of
> the event. :)
> Thanks!
> Chris Procter and the LugRadio Team
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