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David Sterry david at sterryit.com
Mon Feb 25 00:34:26 PST 2008

I could probably setup a box showing the latest Twitter posts about 
Lugradio Live using my Twitter search engine. I don't know if anyone 
here uses the service but I developed a search engine for Twitter called 
Tweet Scan (http://tweetscan.com) which runs on CentOS LAMP server. 
Maybe that should be a separate booth but if SF-LUG is in need of 
something cool and interactive in the booth, it's what I could offer.

Here are lugradio posts since a couple weeks ago: 

Rick Moen wrote:
> Quoting David Sterry (david at sterryit.com):
>> LUGRadio - this one's from Britain and features four guys who have 
>> various perspectives on Linux(Jono is the Ubuntu Community Manager at 
>> Canonical). What's nice about this one is that they have more hosts and 
>> seem to delve deeper into the aspects of community, freedom, and the 
>> direction various open source software projects are going. They're also 
>> hosting LUGRadio Live at the Metreon with exhibits and speakers on April 
>> 12-13th this year so that might be fun to check out. 
> SF-LUG might wish to do more than just check them out.  Here's an
> invitation from them to BALUG, which I'm sure is equally extended to
> other Bay Area LUGs:
>  Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2008 17:16:58 -0800
>  From: Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com>
>  To: balug-admin at lists.balug.org
>  Subject: (forw) BALUG Exhibiting at LugRadio Live USA
> Presumably sent to me as BALUG contact via a listadmin mailto: link.
> Sounds very worthwhile.  NOTE:  Dates cited are a weekend!
> Note carefully the sentence "We'd like it if your exhibition stand could
> be something fun and interactive, rather than just a table with leaflets
> and advertising."  Ideas?
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> Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2008 23:04:17 +0000
> From: lugradio team <lugradio at gmail.com>
> To: rick at linuxmafia.com
> Subject: BALUG Exhibiting at LugRadio Live USA
> Howdy
> As you may or may not be aware, the very first LugRadio Live USA in
> 2008 is taking place at The Metreon in San Francisco. The event will
> be happening on the 12th and 13th April 2008, and will provide the
> unique atmosphere of the UK event, but in glorious San Francisco.
> LugRadio Live has developed a strong reputation for providing a range
> of topics about free software, Open Source, digital rights, technology
> and more, a compelling list of speakers, exhibitors and birds of a
> feather sessions, and wrapping it all in a unique, fun, loose, social
> and inclusive event, which is often described as combining the
> atmosphere of a rock concert and a computer conference.
> At LugRadio Live USA 2008 we plan on bringing this unique atmosphere
> to the USA, and inviting around 30 speakers, a full cast of exhibiting
> projects and companies, an eclectic range of BOF sessions, and plenty
> of additional sessions such as our debate discussion panel, a showcase
> of five minute talks, tech demos, and of course a live recording of
> LugRadio in front of an audience. We expect around 500 - 700 attendees
> to the event.
> Anyway, to the business in hand...
> As mentioned, we'll be having an exhibition area where we want to have
> projects and companies who do cool things. In the past we've had open
> source projects showing off their work such as KDE, Gnome, and Ubuntu,
> companies who work with Linux like Neuros, distributors like Sun, Red
> Hat and Novell, and also a range of user groups looking to publicise
> themselves to the community at large. We were wondering whether the
> Bay Area LUG would be interested in having an exhibition stand at the
> event this year?
> Exhibitor space is free; we don't charge, because LugRadio Live is a
> community event. The focus is on people having a great time, not in
> making money :-) We'd like it if your exhibition stand could be
> something fun and interactive, rather than just a table with leaflets
> and advertising.
> Another thing: as part of the event, we provide each attendee with a
> registration bag, containing some free items from different
> organisations. We try to keep the items in this bag as interesting as
> possible, and in the past this has included pens, badges, software,
> clothing and more. If you'd like to contribute something to the bag
> this year for LugRadio Live USA 2008, we'd be happy to include it.
> Both the goodie bag and an exhibition stand are excellent ways for you
> to be associated with a strongly community and Open Source focused
> event, and the demographic it attracts. For the bag, we will need 500
> of whatever you choose to contribute, and all you need to do is ship
> them to us, there is no charge in addition to sending the items - we
> will add them to the bags ready for the event.
> LugRadio Live in the UK has developed a strong reputation for being
> 'the' community event in the UK, and we are looking to bring this to
> USA. We would love if you could be one of the organisations who helped
> make this happen. :)
> If you're not the right person to ask about attending, we'd be
> grateful if you could either pass it on to the right person for us or
> get back in touch to let us know who to contact.
> You can check who is speaking and how the event is shaping up by
> checking http://lugradio.org/live/USA2008/
> Any questions or queries, feel free to drop us an email in reply to
> this email, and we really hope you can be a part of the event. :)
> Thanks!
> Chris Procter and the LugRadio Team
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