[sf-lug] screen addict (was Re: switching from ssh server to term..)

Kristian Erik Hermansen kristian.hermansen at gmail.com
Sat Feb 16 14:28:40 PST 2008

On Feb 16, 2008 2:07 PM, Rick Smith <rick at rbsmith.com> wrote:
> Hi, my name is Rick.  I'm a screen user.
> I started back in back in 98.  I was missing some program
> I used at HP to have multiple terminal sessions in one window.
> Cool program, what was the name of it?  Heh, yep, screen is like that.
> Takes hold, and all that came before is forgotten.  Anyway, I went
> to a meeting of wplug.org, describing my woes of missing multiple
> terminal sessions, and wasn't getting much in the way of relief.
> Then some guy, he looked at me from the shadows, and said "might be
> something for you here.  Goes by the name of ... (whispers) screen..
> why don't you type it in, give it a try ... (oh, then the big hook)..
> what have you got to lose .. it's free..".  That's how it started.
> Simple really.  Start it up, control-A C for a new session.
> Control-A Control-A to toggle back and forth.  I could go on .. but
> you know the story.  There's no turning back.

Rick, you're supposed to be anonymous!  Screen Addicts "Anonymous"!!!
Kristian Erik Hermansen
"It has been just so in all my inventions. The first step is an
intuition--and comes with a burst, then difficulties arise. This thing
gives out and then that--'Bugs'--as such little faults and
difficulties are called--show themselves and months of anxious
watching, study and labor are requisite before commercial success--or
failure--is certainly reached" -- Thomas Edison in a letter to
Theodore Puskas on November 18, 1878

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