[sf-lug] simple gui editor that will accept a paste

Alex Kleider a_kleider at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 8 11:24:15 PST 2008

--- jim stockford <jim at well.com> wrote:

> using vi or similar:
> hit the escape key.
> use the k or j keys to move the cursor to a line
> you want to copy.
> use the yy command to "yank" (i.e. copy) the line
> into a buffer.
> use the k or j keys to move the cursor to the line
> above the point you want to place the copy.
> use the p command to "paste" the copied line
> as a new line below the current line.
> is that the kind of operation you're looking for?
> if so, there are variations that allow you to copy
> multiple lines, parts of lines, delete and paste
> (i.e. move) lines rather than make duplicate
> copies.
> if not, can you describe more particularly?
What I was looking for was how to "copy" from a gui program (i.e. some 
pearls of wisdome I read on the mailing list) and past said text into
another editor (other than OOWriter which does accept CTL-V.) Rick
provided me with the needed info and the vital addition that I recieved
from Mark Sobell (of who's book I'm a great admirer: thank you Mark for
both the book and the recent warning about "beep mode!") will keep me
out of the beep mode trap which I would probably surely have fallen
into (although I'd have probably figured out the problem.)
I already know about the vim delete,yank, put ways of doing
delete,copy, paste.
Thanks for your input.

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