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bobbie sellers bliss at california.com
Thu Jan 24 20:28:34 PST 2008

Alex Kleider wrote:
> I've followed the steps to install InternetExplorer running under wine
> as given on the web site. I'm running this under Ubuntu7.10 and
> followed the 
> relevant part of the instructions.
> I'm worried that something is not right:
> instead of having a browser on my screen with a place near the top to 
> enter an URL, I seem to be at a MicroSoft IE download site. 
> I was under the impression that IE had already been downloaded and was 
> ready to run.
> Can anyone who has been through this process advise me as to what is 
> happenning?
> alex
 	Maybe your Windows  system is set to download updates of the software?
	IE is up to version 7 which I refuse to use on my dual boot as it
usually resets the firewall.  Once I couldn't get online after MS sent
me version 7.
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