[sf-lug] XO delays

Alex Kleider a_kleider at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 3 20:34:01 PST 2008

> Like me I think you ordered on the phone. It looks like they screwed
> up
> the phone orders big time. My credit card info was all wrong. After
> complaining on the OLPC forum (a great resource -
> http://olpc.osuosl.org) I got two "laptop.org" people to track it
> down
> for me. They called me and my card got billed finally. No idea when
> I'll
> get it though. Considering I have  B4 test machine, I'm in no hurry,
> but
> this is indeed a B2B supply chain having B2C trouble.
I ordered on line on Nov 12 and although the transaction has gone
through and appears on my credit card statement, I've heard nothing.
Do you have advice as to what I should do?
I've asked Kristian for the number he called to sort this out but you
make the distinction between on line and phone purchase.

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