[sf-lug] laptop thoughts...

Sameer Verma sverma at sfsu.edu
Wed Dec 12 12:27:33 PST 2007

Mark G Sobell wrote:
> Interesting comments on Dell. Thank you.
> I looked up (googled if you will) <linux dell> and got to
> www.dell.com/linux
> which redirects you to a page with a long URL. Then I clicked on the picture 
> of Ubuntu and then <shop for ubuntu>. They have one laptop with Ubuntu on it: 
> Inspiron Notebook 1420 N. A 14-inch screen. Not what I want.
> I could buy a Dell that would meet my specs and dump Windows and put on Linux, 

Don't dump Windows. Keep it (you paid for it) as a reference point. A
reminder, of how things could be if you didn't work hard to make FOSS
better ;-). I keep my Windows XP partition on my VAIO and boot into it
once every month or so to get the updates. It also acts as a grim reminder.

> but Dell would never know that I bought their laptop in support of their 
> Linux program. So the only reason I would be buying a Dell is because I 
> believe they are the best deal out there, and I do not believe that.

I have never been happy with Dell's shell construction. It always feels
like the casing is going to crack and snap. On the other hand, while my
VAIO isn't as FOSS friendly, it feels solid.


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