[sf-lug] Web Log Analyzers

jim stockford jim at well.com
Thu Dec 6 18:48:00 PST 2007

   here's a URL for related resources.

    have you tried using the standard unix toolkit commands
on the apache access log file and see if i could get some
kind of approximation of numbers of "eyes". at least you'd
have a handle on the bs factor.
    you might try tweaking your server-side or javascript
code to get cookie-based information?
    both approaches seem imperfect, but with some work
you might get good enough information.
    httpd has an api that can be accessed via mod-python
or mod-perl or even with C. probably not better than the
info in the access log file, i'd guess.

On Dec 6, 2007, at 12:09 PM, Steven Friese wrote:

> I work for an online company where one of our sources of revenue is
>  advertising.  We switched from using Windows to Linux and are now  
> trying
>  to find a replacement for WebTrends.  We would prefer an Open Source
>  solution and I have looked at Webalizer, AWStats,w3perl, AWFful and
>  Google Analytics so far.  None of these has all the features that  
> WebTrends
>  does.  Our marketing people definitely want something like Webtrends
>  'Visits by People' statistic.  Anyone know of a Open Source or  
> Commercial
>  analysis tool that works on Linux that will give an advertising  
> department the stats they need to make sales?
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