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Ernest De Leon edeleonjr at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 21:47:05 PST 2007

lol that was my initial thought, I guess I just thing of xorg configuration
like CSS or something...nothing heavy or involved, but I never did ask what
his level of comfort was with editing config files in general...my own
fault...you should make your sig 'this isn't sorting through crypto library
dependency hell.'

I'm sure some on here will get a laugh out of that one...


On Dec 4, 2007 9:42 PM, Kristian Erik Hermansen <
kristian.hermansen at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Dec 4, 2007 9:33 PM, Christian Einfeldt <einfeldt at gmail.com> wrote:
> > heh, no, your advice was undoubtedly sound.  I just have a strong
> feeling
> > that Alex's frustration level will ramp up if he attempts to do this
> alone
> > the first time. He is smart (a neurosurgeon!!!) so he will get it pretty
> > quickly.  But even a neurosurgeon should probably have in-person
> guidance
> > the first time he messes with config files like that, IMHO.
> lol ... I just wanted to comment that I think it is funny that Xorg
> configuration may be considered more difficult than brain surgery.
> You are probably right Christian, but I just never though of it that
> way.
> From now on, I will replace the phrases "this is not rocket science"
> or "this isn't brain surgery" with something like "this isn't Xorg
> configuration"...
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> Kristian Erik Hermansen
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