[sf-lug] Backups are important

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Nov 21 11:11:38 PST 2007

Quoting Jason Turner (jturner at nonzerosums.org):

> Ugh, another list.  Not what I'm looking for but a fine addition for the 
> [knowledge] archives.

Yeah, life sucks, doesn't it?  We all want useful and relevant knowledge
to just march out of wherever it is into our brains, and instead we have
to _read_ things.

Damn, I want my money back, I tell you.

> Ahh.  Well, *true*, even as a novice I'd find a two hour simple restore 
> operation incredibly painful(even with GUI hand holding).  So an 
> "ncurses-driven menued  utility" sounds nice...  Did I miss the name of 
> that app(s)?

I posted my complete listing of all known _tape-oriented_ backup
programs for Linux, with special emphasis on the open source offerings,
earlier.  Go to town!  ;->   (I know, more reading.  So unfair.)

(OK, I'll be nice.  Look at Bacula, for starters.)

> Ahh, this is some of the info I was curious about.  Backup tool isn't 
> named but a bit of his scheme is revealed. 

Honestly, absolutely any backup scheme (that is occasionally tested to
make sure restores work) is better than none.  "None" is what most
people stick with -- as Bill points out.


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