[sf-lug] Backups are important

Jason Turner jturner at nonzerosums.org
Wed Nov 21 11:55:23 PST 2007

I know I probably shouldn't but I've got the time today...

Rick Moen wrote:
> Quoting Jason Turner (jturner at nonzerosums.org):
>> Ugh, another list.  Not what I'm looking for but a fine addition for the 
>> [knowledge] archives.
> Yeah, life sucks, doesn't it?  We all want useful and relevant knowledge
> to just march out of wherever it is into our brains, and instead we have
> to _read_ things.
> Damn, I want my money back, I tell you.
Cute, funny even.
>> Ahh.  Well, *true*, even as a novice I'd find a two hour simple restore 
>> operation incredibly painful(even with GUI hand holding).  So an 
>> "ncurses-driven menued  utility" sounds nice...  Did I miss the name of 
>> that app(s)?
> I posted my complete listing of all known _tape-oriented_ backup
> programs for Linux, with special emphasis on the open source offerings,
> earlier.  Go to town!  ;->   (I know, more reading.  So unfair.)
> (OK, I'll be nice.  Look at Bacula, for starters.)
*There* you go.  As for reading things and conducting your own research 
and all... well rest assured I'm a big fan of that ancient method.  No 
really, that *was* sarcasm.  However, in the *context* of this thread 
you'd have to go waaaay back to my first message in which I said, among 
other things,

"I'd love to hear from more people about the solution(s) they use."

Cuz, ya know, hearing about the tools *employed* by users in this 
community could be interesting/enlightening.  Hence my 
wasn't-exactly-looking-for-more-lists comment.  Maintaining context does 
require careful bits of that thing called *read*ing though. 

Ok, I really did think this was funny. 

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