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Blake Haggerty Blake.Haggerty at Sapphire.com
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This may be the dumbest question I will ever ask.. probably not I forsee many more dumb questions, but anyway, So last night I was playing a game called Urban Terror when I run the game it takes over the entire screen. I will play for 30 mins or so shoot a bunch of stuff etc. and then the server in the game has an error and it kicks me out to my desktop but the game is still running  in a small window. My mouse is still controlling the window inside the game only and I cant click on anything outside of the game. (like desktop, toolbar, start...etc) Is there a command to get my mouse out of this window ? or is there a command I can hit to just kill the open program? Is there a command I can hit to open all my running processes and then select the game to kill it?




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