[sf-lug] new computer

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Nov 13 16:39:05 PST 2007

Quoting an off-list XP/Ubuntu gamer:

> SeaSonic was previously an OEM manufacturer that built PS's for Antec,
> Corsair, and PC P&C to name a few and they recently got into the
> retail market. 

Aha!  That explains why they're carried by Central Computer (a good
sign), plus the fact that I'd not heard of them.  Me, I'd still stick to
Antec, Cooler Master, or PC Power & Cooling for my PSU, just because
they're known-good.

> As for the mobo, with the SLI board I'm assuming you're gonna be adding
> some graphics cards, so take their power draws into account when
> purchasing the power supply.

Precisely.  This would be a prime example of what I meant when I said 
"Add up estimates for your big-ticket amperage draws, to hit the
ballpark.  If in doubt, go for slightly heftier."  A gamer video card
would be a prime suspect.  The monsterous heatsinks, fans, and in
particularly egregious cases, water-based cooling systems should be a
big honkin' clue about that.  (Don't forget, almost all of that power
gets converted directly into heat, which must be vented.)

> Also, for my own build I went with a year-old Nvidia chipset mobo that
> had most of the kinks worked out and decent linux support, so a
> well-known board like the EVGA 680i might be a good choice.  Read
> through the reviews on Newegg and see if someone knows.

The notion of Newegg reviewers having Clue One about Linux is a novel
thought, but what the heck, worth a try.

One reviewer says only "Gonna try booting with my Linux partition to see
if I have better luck there", after noting that the hardware's unstable
on MS-Vista.  Searching the first 20 of 72 Google matches on
"122-CK-NF63-TR newegg linux" found nothing else useful.

> My only other comment would be on the case.  If you're looking for
> something smaller(ish) and quiet I'd recommend the Antec Solo.  I'm a
> bit of a freak about sound from my computer and I would choose the Solo
> for a small mid-ATX build.

Amen to that.  The entire Antec Sonata family (mid-tower) are quiet,
beautiful, and exude quality.  Worth the money.

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