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sait8so sait8so at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 13 16:06:03 PST 2007

--- Alex Kleider <a_kleider at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I'm seriously considering building myself a "hefty" linux box.
> I'd appreciate any comments anyone might have as to possibility of
> incompatibilities with Linux (i.e. any unsupported hardware) or
> regarding anything else.

Alex, I have someone I turn to for help and I showed him your post.
This is what he thought to pass along. I'm a new member and too much a
newbie to comment on his advice... he's a gamer/programmer using XP and
Ubuntu (+Compiz) on a box he built a few months ago. Good luck and I
hope this helps.


Hi Alex,

First off, that power supply is an excellent choice.  SeaSonic was
previously an OEM manufacturer that built PS's for Antec, Corsair, and
PC P&C to name a few and they recently got into the retail market. 
Unless you get a VERY beefy graphics card to go with that rig you
wouldn't need 550W.  Also, please note that if you're getting a
graphics card the AMPS on the 12V rail matter far more than the
voltages.  You could have 900W but if there's only 5 amps on the 12V
rail your graphics card ain't gonna run.  IMO, and lots of other
people's(Check the Anandtech and silentpcreview reviews), Seasonic is
one of the most reliable and quietest PSU brands.

Second, the 6850 isn't really worth much more than the 6750.  If the
prices are comparable, sure, go higher.  But if it's significantly more
I wouldn't bother, you're not going to notice the difference unless you
do heavy computing.  Unless I'm wrong and the cache size is more(if it
is the 6850 is worth it).

As for the mobo, with the SLI board I'm assuming you're gonna be adding
some graphics cards, so take their power draws into account when
purchasing the power supply.  Also, for my own build I went with a
year-old Nvidia chipset mobo that had most of the kinks worked out and
decent linux support, so a well-known board like the EVGA 680i might be
a good choice.  Read through the reviews on Newegg and see if someone

My only other comment would be on the case.  If you're looking for
something smaller(ish) and quiet I'd recommend the Antec Solo.  I'm a
bit of a freak about sound from my computer and I would choose the Solo
for a small mid-ATX build.

Have fun building!

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