[sf-lug] Event in December to promote open source

Kami Griffiths kgriffiths at compumentor.org
Mon Nov 12 17:00:10 PST 2007

St. Anthony Foundation serves low income and homeless individuals in the
Tenderloin. They offer several classes, including A+ certification and
partner with another lab in the area called SF Network Ministries that
offers open computer access several days a week. Their students ask for
operating systems and/or Office software to install on their computers,
many of which are found on the sidewalk. So St. Anthony Foundation and
SF Network Ministries asked SF Connect to help organize an "Open Source"
installation faire which is scheduled for Saturday, December 15. They're
in the very beginning stages of planning this, so it would be great to
have a few technical people involved in the planning as well. 


Please respond to kami at techsoup.org if you are interested in helping
with the planning process, a conference call will be scheduled later
this week.


If you are interested in volunteering on the day of the event, please
sign-up through the SF Connect website: 





Kami Griffiths

TechSoup, Senior Program Associate

525 Brannan Street,  Suite 300
San Francisco, CA 94107

P: 415-633-9392  F: 415-633-9400

kami at techsoup.org

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