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On Nov 12, 2007 5:00 PM, Kami Griffiths <kgriffiths at compumentor.org> wrote:

>  So St. Anthony Foundation and SF Network Ministries asked SF Connect to
> help organize an "Open Source" installation faire which is scheduled for*Saturday, December 15.
> * They're in the very beginning stages of planning this, so it would be
> great to have a few technical people involved in the planning as well.
> Please respond to kami at techsoup.org if you are interested in helping with
> the planning process, a conference call will be scheduled later this week.

I am very excited to participate in this project!  I am pretty good at
providing level one tech support to new users.  Most people tell me that I
have the patience of Job with new users, and that is simply because I,
myself, am a relatively simple end user, and so I feel their pain (so to
speak) and I sympathize with their sense of confusion.  So I would love to
come and help.

I would also like to talk about possibly filming this event or future
similar events for the Digital Tipping Point video project.  I know that it
might be too early in the course of this type of event to start filming, but
beginnings are always special and exciting.

> If you are interested in volunteering on the day of the event, please
> sign-up through the SF Connect website:
I will sign up.  Thanks!
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