[sf-lug] Newbie grateful for suggestions installs MythBuntu

Tomer tomer at pacbell.net
Mon Oct 29 14:30:17 PDT 2007

As the LinuxWorld article said in one of the recent issues:

--Just buy a friggin Tivo

You will always end up putting more work into these things than they are
worth. Even if you get this work now, something will break down the line, or
wont be compatible. Let the pros do it....

Good Luck

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Subject: [sf-lug] Newbie grateful for suggestions installs MythBuntu,
	has further adventures
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Thanks very much for your previous help.  Having installed MythBuntu, over
Gutsy, I now have a media center which I can sort of browse through, though
I have not yet figured out how to find network sharing for an extensive
library of already stored [music, video, pictures] shared media on a remote
Windows computer.  However, when I try to watch TV, I get only snow on all
channels so far. When I try to change channels, the box spontaneously
reboots about 30% of the time.

Hardware:  Compaq desktop [P3 > 1GHz]  567Mb Ram, 300 Gb HD partition,
Hauppage tuner PVR-500, ATI All-in-Wonder 9800 pro.

Status:  Stumbling with curiosity and interest, confusion level 5,
frustration level 4.

Sam Geffner
sgeffner at gmail.com
415-793-3562 cel

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