[sf-lug] Status of new sf-lug.com box? Need Help

jim stockford jim at well.com
Mon Oct 29 11:57:14 PDT 2007

oh, i tho't of some more "formal jobs":
* primary nagios god
* osiris god
* other-monitoring gods

note that the box is working for both sf-lug and balug.
thus there are three concerns: those of sf-lug only,
those of balug only, and those that make sure the
box itself is happy and a good internet citizen.

On Oct 29, 2007, at 10:46 AM, jim stockford wrote:

> PLEASE, anyone, if you can think of additions to the bulleted list
> below, let us know.
> thank you, jason, your hat is welcome. which formal job you want:
> * primary sf-lug web maintainer (there should be alternates)
> * alternate sf-lug.org web maintainer (jim's primary)
> * primary dns god (jim and nathan have done this so far)
> * primary postfix god
> * primary wiki god
> * primary book publisher liason
> * alternate sf-lug.{com,org} contact person (jim's primary)
> * pager-monkey (there should be at least three pager-monkeys,
> and at least one from sf-lug and one from balug, each of whom
> gets email of system distress and is willing to go to the colo if
> need be and slap the box or at least take immediate notice and
> try to fix from home and/or coordinate with some other pager-
> monkey to ensure problem is immediately fixed or worked-
> around. currently jim, michael paoli, and nathan kuriger are
> our pager monkeys. no reason not to have one or two more,
> especially one more from the balug group.
> On Oct 29, 2007, at 11:29 AM, Jason Turner wrote:
>> jim stockford wrote:
>>> [...]
>>>     getting a second and even third involved person
>>> to take on a more formal role would be a very good
>>> thing for me and us.
>> While allergic to "formal"ity, I'll again put my hat in for the
>> appropriate level of support.  There's no rush that *I* know of to get
>> this done -- other than the timely resolution of the fine suggestions
>> outlined below.  And I have a suggestion or two there.
>> Someone's suggestion of getting together over the box at a CABAL
>> installfest still sounds good to me.  Perhaps we can firm plans up at
>> the next meeting.
>>> On Oct 28, 2007, at 10:43 PM, Rick Moen wrote:
>>>> Just as a reminder, though, you really should consider:
>>>> 1.  Not having your zonefile e-mail contact be in-domain (within the
>>>> sf-lug.com domain).
>>>> 2.  Changing either the technical or administrative contact in your
>>>> domain record to be someone with a different telephone number and
>>>> e-mail
>>>> address, in order that there not be a single point of failure on
>>>> contacting the domain, e.g., for domain renewal notices.  In other
>>>> words, "whois sf-lug.com" should always display at least two 
>>>> distinct
>>>> points of contact for the domain.
>>>> 3.  Keeping the domain registered for more than a year in advance,
>>>> instead of less than a year.
>>>> 4.  As mentioned, accepting ASAP that guy's kind offer of providing 
>>>> a
>>>> third nameserver.
>>>> I've said each of these things a few times.  I'm going to stop
>>>> repeating
>>>> them, at this point, but that doesn't make them less than quite
>>>> serious
>>>> suggestions.
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