[sf-lug] Status of new sf-lug.com box? Need Help

jim stockford jim at well.com
Mon Oct 29 11:46:22 PDT 2007

PLEASE, anyone, if you can think of additions to the bulleted list
below, let us know.

thank you, jason, your hat is welcome. which formal job you want:
* primary sf-lug web maintainer (there should be alternates)
* alternate sf-lug.org web maintainer (jim's primary)
* primary dns god (jim and nathan have done this so far)
* primary postfix god
* primary wiki god
* primary book publisher liason
* alternate sf-lug.{com,org} contact person (jim's primary)
* pager-monkey (there should be at least three pager-monkeys,
and at least one from sf-lug and one from balug, each of whom
gets email of system distress and is willing to go to the colo if
need be and slap the box or at least take immediate notice and
try to fix from home and/or coordinate with some other pager-
monkey to ensure problem is immediately fixed or worked-
around. currently jim, michael paoli, and nathan kuriger are
our pager monkeys. no reason not to have one or two more,
especially one more from the balug group.

On Oct 29, 2007, at 11:29 AM, Jason Turner wrote:

> jim stockford wrote:
>> [...]
>>     getting a second and even third involved person
>> to take on a more formal role would be a very good
>> thing for me and us.
> While allergic to "formal"ity, I'll again put my hat in for the 
> appropriate level of support.  There's no rush that *I* know of to get 
> this done -- other than the timely resolution of the fine suggestions 
> outlined below.  And I have a suggestion or two there.
> Someone's suggestion of getting together over the box at a CABAL 
> installfest still sounds good to me.  Perhaps we can firm plans up at 
> the next meeting.
>> On Oct 28, 2007, at 10:43 PM, Rick Moen wrote:
>>> Just as a reminder, though, you really should consider:
>>> 1.  Not having your zonefile e-mail contact be in-domain (within the
>>> sf-lug.com domain).
>>> 2.  Changing either the technical or administrative contact in your
>>> domain record to be someone with a different telephone number and 
>>> e-mail
>>> address, in order that there not be a single point of failure on
>>> contacting the domain, e.g., for domain renewal notices.  In other
>>> words, "whois sf-lug.com" should always display at least two distinct
>>> points of contact for the domain.
>>> 3.  Keeping the domain registered for more than a year in advance,
>>> instead of less than a year.
>>> 4.  As mentioned, accepting ASAP that guy's kind offer of providing a
>>> third nameserver.
>>> I've said each of these things a few times.  I'm going to stop 
>>> repeating
>>> them, at this point, but that doesn't make them less than quite 
>>> serious
>>> suggestions.
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