[sf-lug] Christian - May have something you can use...

Christian Einfeldt einfeldt at gmail.com
Sat Oct 27 01:11:06 PDT 2007

hi Bobbie,

Sorry for my lag in replying to you!  I am getting ready to go to Germany
for some family business, and I will be off the grid for much of the time
from Monday 10/29 through Thurs 11/08 since I will be in a very small town.
Also, our lead video sys admin, Jonathan Grindstaff, is camping beginning
today through Wednesday in Virginia, and so he might also not have Internet

Your offer sounds wonderful!  Thank you !  More comments in line...

On 10/26/07, bobbie sellers <bliss at california.com> wrote:
> Hi Christian Einfeldt,
>     You need storage space for your material for the movie,
> according to what you said at meeting and in the mailing list.

+1 !!

    I originally tried to send this message to your private
> e-mail address

Yeah, it is 1:00 am on Sat Oct 27 and I am just now getting enough time to

and since then have some additional information
> that may be of interest.  The box is Firewire or IEEE 1394 and
> has a 300 watt power supply. The drives are IDE standard

Sorry, I'm a bit confused.  Did you say that this system does have drives?
Or not?  Either way, it sounds like a really interesting device!!
Currently, we are not able to really search our HDs except by the DTP wiki
HD contents index, which is here:


And this is our Master list of the tapes and a brief summary of what is on
each tape.  You will notice that it is not completely filled out.  We are
filling it out as we capture, which gives you a quick approximate bird's eye
view of where we are.


Our focus has been getting footage up onto the Internet Archive's Digital
Tipping Point Video Collection (IA DTP VC), and so the best way to find out
what our footage is covering is to go here to the IA DTP VC Subject Index,
which lists topics covered by interviewee name, region, and topic matter:


and each drawer has its own mini-fan.


I got this at a thrift
> store for a very low price and am willing to pass it as a
> donation if necessary or simply at cost.

Awesome, thank you very much!  When will you need to move it?

    Yes I am already making plans for building this into
> another system but I would quite happy to further your
> interests.

Thanks, Bobbie, that is really really nice!  I would totally understand if
you need it for your own purposes, but I deeply appreciate the offer, and I
would like to give a whack at using it!  Thanks again either way for the
offer !
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