[sf-lug] OT: Hacker space in San Francisco?

Christian Einfeldt einfeldt at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 16:42:54 PDT 2007


On 10/22/07, Kristian Erik Hermansen <kristian.hermansen at gmail.com> wrote:
> Ideally, I would like to set up a place very similar to the HHH, which
> would entail a large open area with many bedrooms, and the costs
> shared between a large amount of semi-permanent hacker-types.  If you
> are into Linux/BSD/FOSS, then that's cool too :-)

This sounds really interesting, except that I probably need more quiet than
you are envisioning.  And I need a door that can lock, because I have lots
of filing cabinets with my law clients' files.

But I really REALLY need to get into a space where I can have access to high
speed Internet and lots of hackers to finish the Digital Tipping Point
film.  I am always looking around for rack-mounted servers for rendering the
film.  We have 350 hours of footage, and while some of it is sketchy, much
of it is quite good.  Imagine being able to see the Mayor of Munich talk
about why they wanted to move to FOSS and then the other Munich officials
talking about the details.  Linux and FOSS are much, much closer to the real
world digital tipping point abroad than here in the US.  The US press just
keeps talking about Microsoft's successes, but much of it is not true.
Vista has lots of bugs, and is not selling as well as Microsoft would have
hoped, especially abroad.  I really want to break the FUD with this film.
But we are going to need to grow our core DTP crew in order to do this.

All of our work is being done with FOSS tools, and in a distributed,
collaborative fashion.  I have long thought that if we had a work space
where people could hack the "source code" (.dv footage), we would be able to
rapidly accelerate the completion of the film.

And the wonderful thing about our project is that our footage is available
for lots and lots of people to use for mini-films that they can post to
YouTube, MySpace, DailyMotion, MetaCafe, and any where they want.  Plus we
have a broadcast quality camera that I am willing to run for people who want
to get really decent footage of their projects, their thoughts, etc.

The community builds the code, debugs the code, and markets the code.  This
is a viral market effort, using the power of the community to tell the story
of the community.  Or, I should say, communities.  We have 11 languages.  We
have footage from 6 nations and 3 continents.
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