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TransGaming Inc. (TSX-V: TNG) , a leading developer of software 
portability products for the electronic entertainment industry, 
announced today the renewal of the OEM and distribution agreement with 
Mandriva, the leading retail distribution for the Linux operating 
system. Under this agreement, MandrivaLinux 2008 customers will receive 
access to TransGaming’s Cedega product that will allow them to play 
hundreds of PC games out-of-the-box. The ability to play blockbuster 
games rounds out the capabilities of MandrivaLinux 2008 making it a 
leading desktop of choice for both productivity applications as well as 
electronic entertainment.

Cedega is the world’s only commercial gaming solution for the Linux 
operating system. Cedega allows users to run PC games on their Linux 
operating system seamlessly, transparently, and with equivalent 
performance and game play. The ability to play games today ranks as the 
second highest usage of a desktop, after surfing the web. This makes 
Cedega an extremely vital application for the Linux desktop.


Tony Cooke

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