[sf-lug] FTP support for a Scientology cult-buster

Asheesh Laroia asheesh at asheesh.org
Wed Sep 19 10:43:15 PDT 2007

On Wed, 19 Sep 2007, Christian Einfeldt wrote:

> I have a really interesting video that I have shot for a Scientology
> buster.


> At any rate, I am thinking that if we had an FTP site where I could load up
> the video that I shot of this guy giving his talk, he could grab it, edit it
> with a FOSS movie video editor such as Avidemux under Windows, and then put
> it up on YouTube.

How much space do you need?

(And again, why not archive.org?  If YouTube is your target, then there'll 
be no difference in quality between compressing it to MPEG-4 and sending 
that to him vs. sending him raw DV (which is also compressed, just not 
very much).)

-- Asheesh.

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