[sf-lug] FTP support for a Scientology cult-buster

Christian Einfeldt einfeldt at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 10:36:28 PDT 2007


I have a really interesting video that I have shot for a Scientology
buster.  He is the only guy to successfully sue Scientology.  He conducted a
seminar recently, and we need a way to get the video to him.  We tried an
external hard drive, but that was problematic, because his hard drive was
Windows-oriented (he is still stuck on Windows, for various reasons).  In
the past, I burned a video to DVD, but he wasn't able to open it, again, due
to problems with Windows' locked-down formating, meaning that apparently
Windows wouldn't open the DVD because it the DVD wasn't DRM'd (of course).

I normally don't support anyone with Windows issues, and I would ordinarily
just tell this guy he needs to go get an inexpensive computer and let me
install Linux on it, or maybe I would be able get a FOSS box from James
Burgett of ACCRC.org.  But this guy is doing really, really good work
against Scientology.  He is a former Scientologist who was taken to a ship,
tortured, and he eventually escaped and now is a huge thorn in the side of
the world's most powerful, most deadly cult.  (Although Lars Nooden of the
ODF calls Microsoft itself a cult, heh).

At any rate, I am thinking that if we had an FTP site where I could load up
the video that I shot of this guy giving his talk, he could grab it, edit it
with a FOSS movie video editor such as Avidemux under Windows, and then put
it up on YouTube.  This guy talks about his experiences with Scientology,
and the video is nothing short of riveting for people who are interested in
using FOSS to bust Scientology.

I am wondering if we could create a temporary virtual machine as we were
discussing on Monday; then we could use that vm as the FTP repository, and
then just delete that vm after he was done so that Scientology won't have an
avenue for attack.

In the meantime, I will continue working to wean this guy off of
Microsoft.    ;-)

Thanks either way.
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