[sf-lug] Does anyone have a good backup strategy for Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty)?

Asheesh Laroia asheesh at asheesh.org
Sun Sep 9 14:25:18 PDT 2007

On Sun, 9 Sep 2007, RBV wrote:

> Tom, et al:
>> Rsync is your friend.
> Thanks.  Yes, my research frequently leads me to discussions about rsync.
> Okay -- so far, so good.  A bit fidgety perhaps, but eventually I can
> presumably create some sort of "image" of a working system so I can clone
> it, albeit not in as straightforward a manner as permitted by Norton Ghost 2003.
> But, how does one restore an rsync-created "backup image" IF the target
> system that needs to receive this image is broken?  For that matter, how
> does one restore the image even if the target system isn't broken?  (That is
> to say, one surely can't copy a cloned system over a currently running one...?)
> I suspect that the answer may require the use of Ubuntu Live-CD.  My
> immediate concern is therefore the presumptive need to perform some mount
> commands to make the target system and the backup image usable.  And then...?

You just copy the files back, and reboot.

You don't end up with a disk image, but instead a copy of all the files. 
So you just put the files back into the right place, and reboot.  You'd be 
free to erase the existing files or not; if you choose 'not', just move 
them out of the way so that they don't conflict with the 
restored-from-backup files.

> (I'll mention parenthetically that I'm giving serious thought to (a)
> reverting to Dapper, or (b) trying to convert my current EXT3-based Feisty
> system to an EXT2 system to permit me to return to the "good old days"
> wherein I could easily use Norton Ghost to readily image and restore a
> backup system with no finicky command line experimentation required...)

Have you seen g4u "Ghost 4 UNIX" <http://www.feyrer.de/g4u/>?

Also, I use dirvish, which is a wrapper for rsync that does incremental 
backups.  Restoring is very easy - again, you just copy the files back in.

-- Asheesh.

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