[sf-lug] Fw: Saturday is NOT CONFIRMED

Michael Blanc mblanc at znet.com
Fri Jun 22 13:05:03 PDT 2007


It looks like the consensus of our group is to wait until more is prepared.
Please let us know that the machines are delivered, and that we can arrange
a firm appointment to take stock of things.

 I am forwarding the comment of one member, who most succinctly summarizes
some of the recent discussions on our list. While my own opinion is that it
is overly ambitious, it will yet be useful to have them in mind as
desireable goals.


>I've been thinking a lot about Rick's comments about preparation for
>this kind of volunteer work. I think he made some excellent points about
>ensuring the long term success of the project. I thought it might be
>useful to get some of these questions answered (I'm not sure if they
>have already been answered, or if anyone has any suggestions for changes
>or additions that would be great):
>Why do you want Linux installed on these machines (OpenOffice is
>available on Windows as well)?
>What are the expected uses of these computers, and by whom (and what is
>their computer familiarity/experience)?
>Are the users familiar with a particular version of Linux and/or who
>will be training the users to get them familiar with it?
>Who will be maintaining the computers in terms of hardware issues?
>How will these computers connect to the internet? What is the network
>topology, and/or is one needed to be put in place?
>Who will be maintaining the computers in terms of software after the
>initial installation (installing new applications as needed, fixing
>software issues that come up, installing security updates)?
>Who will be responsible for backups and recovery? What important
>information will need to be backed up?
>Again, any changes or comments welcome.
>Thanks, Tom
>Tom Haddon
>mailto:tom at greenleaftech.net
>m +1.415.871.4180

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