[sf-lug] Saturday is NOT CONFIRMED (should be "You want itwhen???")

Michael Blanc mblanc at znet.com
Fri Jun 22 13:06:47 PDT 2007

This is asking them to run or fly before they can walk.

For our first meeting, I think that just a "scouting party" would be in
order, not a full-fledged invasion.

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>I think we should step back and insist on a fully
>formed plan for this before we lift a finger further.
>I think a lot of that should be able to be
>accomplished digitally, rather than requiring us to
>send a committee of busy people over there. Also I
>don't like the idea that they think we don't have
>schedules and full lives already, and it's ok to not
>have their ducks lined up before they pull the
>trigger. I've just remembered I too have a prior
>commitment for tomorrow. lol
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