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Tue Apr 17 19:24:45 PDT 2007

Hi Jim Stockford, on 04/15/07, you wrote:

> i get things like this from time to time. What do
> you all think?

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> From: Abe Osman <ISOsman at comcast.net>
> Date: Apr 14, 2007 1:02 PM
> Subject: Help Linux Flourish

> Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their
> Linux Linux has been making tremendous progress and has become
> superior to Windows.
> Although it is steadily flourishing, it is still not wide
> spread like it should have and deserves.

> A group of guys have started organizing a marketing project to
> help Linux proliferate. You can find more information at the
> following site.

>        http://tux500.com/
>        http://www.tux500.com/goal.php
>        http://lobby4linux.com/

> http://linux-blog.org/index.php?/archives/198-Indy-500-and-Linux-Not-Newsworthy.html
>        http://LXer.com

>        This is the same approach that Mozilla Foundation used
> to publicize and
> advance FireFox and has proven to be effective and worth the
> effort in increasing its rate of adoption. If you fell this is
> not what you agree with,
> please do contribute whatever you can and make your suggestion
> how the fund to be used. There will be other programs that were
> (Linux bumper-sticker) or can be suggested to be initiated in
> the future.
>        It is very important to grab this opportunity to
> participate to advance Linux
> usage. I apologize for having to send this message in mass
> e-mail, but we just wanted to make sure that all the LUGs are
> aware of this project and we really need the help of everyone.
>        It is also important not to procrastinate since this is
> very novel effort and
> keep in mind that only Dollars will make a big difference.
>        Please, feel free to pass this information on and
> forward this message to all
> your LUG members so everyone could participate and help make
> this project very successful.

>        Sincerely,
>                -Abe Osman

    I think what others think about this group has been stated
but on the theme of "Help Linux Flourish", I think the best 
thing we can do is learn the systems as well as we can and
share that information with others.  When I get out of debt if
I am still alive I will contribute to the various organisations
but in the meantime I will try to learn as much about GNU/Linux
as I can and try to share it with others.  Just as I did with
the Amiga.  But just as with the Amiga several groups attempted
to collect money and promote the platform with generally poor
results though I applaud the individual efforts.

    Linus didn't do the work for money but for his own education.


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