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From: Adrien Lamothe <alamozzz at yahoo.com>
>LX Rudis has worked in the computer gaming industry for many years. 

guess i outed myself pretty good with this one, eh?  anyways, salary is definitely a sore point today, and it was pretty ironic to peek into the list and see exactly the issue my technical counterpart is dealing with right now.

>Do we need to discuss the dismal conditions and salaries of the programmers, testers, etc. of people in that industry?

yes, but because of my position there are limits to what i can post.  

adrien is absolutely right about the tight $ situation in the industry. feast or famine, with a lot of the latter going on.

outside the industry perception is that we're all well compensated for easy jobs, but the truth is that much of the work is boom or bust, when one _is_ working you are typically nailing about 80 full-on work hours per week - scared as hell, and scheduling tends to be a cruel joke.  

i could go on, but then the weeping and gnashing of teeth would begin and i'd be off into the OT weeds for sure...

>I think this is one reason why open source has become so popular, and why so many software developers have 
>contributed to open source projects. You can take their money away, but you can't keep them from 
\>getting recognized for their talents.

that's a very interesting comment.  it does make me want to mention one of the projects we are working on internally,  'Atari Create':  

my producer and i are making a strong effort to locate tools which are freeware and shareware, and i'm also suggesting that we offer links to Ubuntu and begin making suggestions that game hobbyists begin exploring linux.  we'll definitely be offering some tools which cost money, but the idea is to provide as much access to inexpensive or free stuff as possible, and provide several 'gallery' type environments for people to share and interact within.
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