[sf-lug] DVD on Laptop

Gretchen Nelson blackcatquilts at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 11 20:37:13 PST 2006

I have just joined the sf-lug because I have a Linux laptop(previously with RH2.4, now with CentOS) that I don't yet know how to use.  I am still learning the Linux basics.  Anyway, when I insert a music CD the machine just plays it-no questions asked!  But when I insert a DVD the machine acts like it's hearing martian and won't play anything!!   I don't know how or what to tell it to just play the DVD.

So, can somebody please tell me how to get a Linux laptop machine to play a DVD?

Cliff Ransom@

Gretchen Nelson
blackcatquilts at earthlink.net
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