[sf-lug] Notes and News re our last meeting -- Colo'ing our box

jim stockford jim at well.com
Tue Nov 7 13:43:59 PST 2006

Part 2: getting ourselves ready for the colo facility

    We need up to three people who are willing to go
to Spear Street in the event our box needs physical
help (a new drive or something).
    I suggested a two-tier system: the more experienced
and the less experienced--the mentors and the
mentees, rotating each quarter, with a required trip to
Spear Street to see where the box is in case of need
to work on it.

    We need any number of people willing to administer
the box remotely: check that filesystems aren't fully or
nearly so, make sure no bad guys have co-opted the
box, etc. This is Red Hat System and Network
Administration. Anyone want to help and/or add this
experience to your resumes?

    We need any number of people willing to coordinate
on maintaining and developing the SF-LUG web site--
a matter of being helpful or building your resume.
    Possibilities include adding a wiki, integrating Plone
or Zope or some such....

    It's a pretty good box, so it can be a common home
for compiling projects, maybe some open source
software (sourceforge is best, of course, in general)....
    It's a Red Hat type box, so it could be a good
playground for learning Red Hat Certification skills.

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