[sf-lug] Notes and News re our last meeting -- Colo'ing our box

jim stockford jim at well.com
Tue Nov 7 13:12:20 PST 2006

Part 1: getting our computer ready for the colocation

    Thanks to Paul Lancaster of ServePath/ColoServe for
taking time away from family and football to talk with us
Sunday about colocating and putting our SF-LUG host
at the ServePath facility on Spear Street.
    ( ServePath == ColoServe )

    I printed the form, filled it out, and delivered it to Paul
this morning. Their system kicked out welcomes and
instructions to fill out further info early this afternoon.

    I guess I've got to get around to actually installing
CentOS 4.2 or 4.3, whichever SpiderTools sent me, on
the box--partition it, install the right software, set up
firewalling, etc.
    You can get around to this, too, if you let me know you <---------
want to--we can all huddle over the box and opine.

    I figure the box and ServePath should be ready by
the first of next week. So you have between now and,
say, Tuesday morning to arrange mutually convenient
times to looksee and/or participate in installation and
    Not Sunday daytime, maybe Sunday evening. Not
Saturday afternoon, but maybe around 5:30, in advance
of going to Rick Moen's Cabal gathering in Menlo Park.
Maybe a morning Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday this
week. Maybe the morning of 11/13 after 10 AM or so.
    email jim at well.com and/or the sf-lug mailing list to   <--------
set things up.

    NOTE: this is your last chance to inspect the box
some of us built together.
    NOTE MORE: I'm happy to reinstall and reconfig the
CentOS distribution on the box for those who want to
go through the process--e.g. if some show up to build
the box on Thursday, we can rebuild it again with those
who show up Saturday 5:30 ish.
    NOTE EVEN MORE: showing up means coming to
my house near Ocean Beach in San Francisco (easy
on the #5 Fulton bus, possible to arrange rides, even
get me to pick you up or take you home).

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